About Shalom Arts

Shalom, a term for blessing in the Hebrew language.

Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc.’s long-term vision is to curate art in public spaces that moves and inspires people while also simultaneously creating a friendly and interactive environment. In regards to professional environment analysis, the progressive steps of our company‘s efforts has always involved providing artistically rich critical thinking through the bouncing back and forth of ideas with one another as well as working collaboratively to develop the best public art curations.

Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc. often engages in Public Art Ordinance and Post-Completion Evaluation, Public Art Curation Specialization, Initial Comprehensive Planning, Public Art Education and Public Participation; Culture and Art Promotion and Marketing, International Art Exchange, Architecture and Public Art Lectures, Professional Art Tours, etc. in providing art curation services for construction companies and other private sectors.

The units we have provided service to include: the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of National Defense R.O.C., the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Freeway Bureau MOTC, the Taoyuan County Government, the Hsinchu County Stadium, the National Defense Medical Center, the Taiwan University Hospital, the National Hsinchu Living Arts Center, the Zhucheng Construction Company, and more.

Virginia Huiting Chen, founder of Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc., returned to Taiwan in 1992, assisting the Council for Cultural Affairs (now the Ministry of Culture) in drafting the Implementation of Public Art Regulations. Chen studied sculpting at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, fine arts at Tunghai University, architecture at the Chinese Culture University, and she also studied architecture overall for fifteen years. Chen served on the Public Art Review Committee in the Council for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C., the Ministry of Education, the city of Kaohsiung, the city of Hsinchu, the city of Keelung, etc. She was the executive director of the Foundation for Research on Open Space, Taipei for twelve years, and founded the Public Art Newsletter magazine to deepen the understanding of public art for people from all walks of life and to promote communication between government agencies and artists. Today, she is still serving as an advisor to the Public Art Newsletter, as the practice of public art has been going on for over twenty years.

Chen has also written several books, which include The Public Art Operational Manual, The Soul Clinic: Hospital Public Art, A Decade of Public Art in Taiwan, An Overview of Public Art in Taiwan and China, Public Arts in Taiwan, The City of the People, and many others.

The word “Xi en” originates from the Hebrew word Shalom, a term for blessing, which connotates harmony between heaven and man, the earth filled with peace where everything is whole, and the meaning of happiness. This word fully conveys our vision of seeking after culture and art that can best support the welfare of residents.

Virginia Hui-Ting Chen


Master of Urban Design, University of Colorado at Denver
Master of Architecture, Tamkang University


2001-Now Curator & Chairperson of Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc.

2023-2024 臺南市公共藝術審議會委員
2016-2020 Panel of the Public Art Review Committee of the Ministry of Culture
2015-2020 Panel of Tainan Public Art Review Committee
1996-2004 Founder & Advisor of PUBLIC ART NEWSLETTER
2006-2008 國家文化藝術基金會 視覺藝術 總監
2004-2005 國立台灣藝術大學雕塑系 講師
2004-2005 東海大學美術系 講師
2004-2018 公共藝術簡訊 顧問
1996-2004 公共藝術簡訊 創刊人及總編輯
1992-2009 中國文化大學市政暨環境規劃學系 兼任講師
1992-2004 財團法人台北市開放空間文教基金會 執行長
1988-2004 開創工程顧問股份有限公司 主任都市設計師


2018 National Taiwan University Public Art Project
        Ministry of Culture - Public Art Promotion Award (Taiwan)
2016 Best Creativity Award of Public Arts,
        Ministry of Culture (Taiwan)
2014 Outstanding Alumni Award, Tamkang University (Taiwan)
2001 Fulbright Grantee, National Culture and Arts Foundation (Taiwan)
1999 National Culture and Arts Foundation- Art Administration Subsidy (Taiwan)

Books Published

2009 《Administrative Procedures & Practice to Public Art in Taiwan》by Ministry of Culture
2005《Public Art in Hospital》by Art & collection group
2004《Ten Years Journey - Public Arts in Taiwan》by Ministry of Culture
2004《Public arts in Taiwan and China》by Ministry of Culture
1997《Public Art in Taiwan》by Artist Publishing Co.
1996《City for People》by Chuanhsing Publishing Co.

Curation Experience

設置中 桃園會展中心中公共藝術設置計畫
設置中 台中市水湳中央公園公共藝術設置計畫
設置中 台北市文山區社會福利用地新建工程公共藝術設置計畫
2022 桃園市交通局桃園區廈門街停車場公共藝術設置計畫
2021 Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City Public Art Project “Green Movement - Trace of Energy”
2020 Curator of Essence of Life, NTU Biomedical Park Hospital Public Art Project
2020 Curator of Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2 Public Art Project “Traveling with Wind Stretched・ Floating Travel”
2019 Curator of The 6th Army Command Base, Longshan Military Camp Public Art Installation Project, Ministry of National Defense R.O.C “Wheel of National Defense, Military Memories”
2019 Curator of The Public Art Project of the Tainan Art Museum
2018 Curator of Taichung World Flora Exposition Public Art Project for Case C – Fengyuan Huludun Park Area “A Beauty Pageant of Butterflies and Blossoms”
2018 Curator of Department of Cultural Affairs, Taoyuan
2016 Curator of Public Art Installation Project in the Zhongli Service Area of Freeway No.1
2016 Curator of Wei-Wu-Ying Center for the Arts Public Art Project: We-Wu-Ying Art Street “The Flowing Layers”
2015 Curator of New Taipei City Hospital, Sanchong Branch, ER Building Public Art Project
2015 Curator of The National Changhua District Court New Construction Public Art Creative Project
2014 Curator of National Taiwan University Public Art Project (Phase Ⅰ) - Taiwan University ISO REMIX
2014 Curator of Army 601st Aviation Brigade Longtan Area Eagle Public Art Project, Curator
2013 Curator of Ministry of Health and Welfare Public Art Project  “Gateway to Health • Window to the Soul”
2013 Curator of Hsinchu County Stadium Public Art Installation Project
2013 The Public Art Project of the Northern Miaoli Art Center—Dancing with Music
2012 Public Art Installation Project in Memorial for David Landsborough in Changhua County
2011 The Promotion of Culture and Education Project-4 Parts of Environmental Aesthetics in Taoyuan County
2009 Public Art Project in the Ministry of National Defense R.O.C Bo-Ai Compounds, Professional Entrusted Project

Shalom, a term for blessing in the Hebrew language.