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水湳經貿園區中央公園 公共藝術設置計畫【甲案】
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About Shalom Arts

Shalom, a term for blessing in the Hebrew language.

Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc.’s long-term vision is to curate art in public spaces that moves and inspires people while also simultaneously creating a friendly and interactive environment. In regards to professional environment analysis, the progressive steps of our company‘s efforts has always involved providing artistically rich critical thinking through the bouncing back and forth of ideas with one another as well as working collaboratively to develop the best public art curations.

Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc. often engages in Public Art Ordinance and Post-Completion Evaluation, Public Art Curation Specialization, Initial Comprehensive Planning, Public Art Education and Public Participation; Culture and Art Promotion and Marketing, International Art Exchange, Architecture and Public Art Lectures, Professional Art Tours, etc. in providing art curation services for construction companies and other private sectors.

Virginia Huiting Chen, founder of Shalom Arts Consulting, Inc., returned to Taiwan in 1992, assisting the Council for Cultural Affairs (now the Ministry of Culture) in drafting the Implementation of Public Art Regulations.

Chen studied sculpting at the National Taiwan University of the Arts, fine arts at Tunghai University, architecture at the Chinese Culture University, and she also studied architecture overall for fifteen years. Chen served on the Public Art Review Committee in the Council for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C., the Ministry of Education, the city of Kaohsiung, the city of Hsinchu, the city of Keelung, etc. She was the executive director of the Foundation for Research on Open Space, Taipei for twelve years, and founded the Public Art Newsletter magazine to deepen the understanding of public art for people from all walks of life and to promote communication between government agencies and artists.

Chen has also written several books, which include The Public Art Operational Manual, The Soul Clinic: Hospital Public Art, A Decade of Public Art in Taiwan, An Overview of Public Art in Taiwan and China, Public Arts in Taiwan, The City of the People, and many others.